It can be relatively easy for Washington residents to create a will. It can also be relatively easy for them and others to create a will that creates tension between family members. To limit the chances that an estate plan causes families to break apart, it is important to select the right executor. In some cases, this means choosing a professional to do the job as opposed to the oldest child or a close friend.

Money that is designated for other parties should be distributed to them in a timely manner. It should also be distributed in a way that they can handle. For instance, if cash is being given to a young person, it should be provided over time as opposed to in a lump sum. However, it may not be a bad idea to give a spouse or another adult a large sum of money at once if they can manage it properly.

If a parent is going to leave one child more cash or assets than another, it is worth taking time to explain why this is the case. Doing so could reduce the chances that a child will be upset. Finally, testators should be sure to account for any property large or small that could have sentimental value within a will.

Generally speaking, wills should be reviewed and edited over time if necessary. This will make it easier to spot any potential problems with the document or any ways that it could result in family members quarreling with each other. An attorney may be able to help create a will or other estate plan document for an individual. He or she may also be able to help review any documents that a person already made.

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