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May 2019 Archives

Carrie Fisher estate valued at nearly $7 million

Washington fans of actress Carrie Fisher may be surprised to learn she was diligent about her estate plans. There have been multiple media reports of other well-known celebrities who have failed to take such steps prior to their deaths. According to probate court papers filed by Fisher's estate executor, her assets are valued at just under $7 million. The executor is seeking a final distribution of her assets.

Estate planning misconceptions remain for many

Most Washington residents, if asked, would likely acknowledge that everyone should have some form of estate plan in place. Despite that, a significant percentage of adults have not taken basic steps towards accomplishing that objective. Other than a reluctance to recognize one's own mortality, one reason for this seeming inconsistency may be confusion and lack of understanding as to what exactly an estate plan entails. Perhaps a clear understanding of the purpose the various documents in an estate plan serve will help provide greater incentive for individuals to prepare for the inevitable and better secure their future.

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