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The importance of keeping an estate plan updated

Some people in Washington may think their estate is in good shape because they created a will years ago, but it is important to keep estate plans updated. This is illustrated in the case of film director John Singleton, who died suddenly in April of a stroke at the age of 51. The only estate planning document he left behind was a will from 1993.

Defining interested parties in a will contest

All interested parties to a will that was executed in Washington must be notified in the event of a will contest.Those who are listed in the document itself are considered to be actual parties to the will and must be included in the list of interested parties. Furthermore, anyone who was listed in a previous version of the document could also need to be informed of a planned will contest.

Carrie Fisher estate valued at nearly $7 million

Washington fans of actress Carrie Fisher may be surprised to learn she was diligent about her estate plans. There have been multiple media reports of other well-known celebrities who have failed to take such steps prior to their deaths. According to probate court papers filed by Fisher's estate executor, her assets are valued at just under $7 million. The executor is seeking a final distribution of her assets.

How probate court could affect heirs

It's a common belief that going to probate court can be a major difficulty for heirs in Washington. However, this may not always be the case. By planning ahead, an estate plan can make the probate process as easy as possible for everyone involved. The first step is to make sure the benefactor has a will. In the will, an executor who is in charge of distributing assets to the heirs can be named. This means the court will not need to name an executor.

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