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James A. Jones, Attorney at Law, has been serving clients with elder law, estate planning and bankruptcy issues for more than 20 years. He has spent his entire career helping families and business owners protect their assets, preserve their wealth and plan for the future. At our Tacoma law firm, we are solution-oriented and service focused. We take of clients like they were our own friends and family, providing the highest quality legal representation and value. We foster a relationship with our clients that is built on honesty and trust. That is why so many of our clients refer their friends and family to us.

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Welcome to Jones Legacy Law, your asset protection and estate planning specialists.
Our team is committed to safeguarding your assets and planning for your future.

Estate Planing

An estate planning attorney does much more than a simple will. A will alone does not provide asset protection or help your loved ones avoid probate.

Wills & Trusts

The backbone of a comprehensive estate plan is a will and trust. An estate planning attorney can protect your home, business & family.

Elder Law

As we age, we all reach a point where we need help but without the assistance of an elder law attorney, your loved ones may be at risk of abuse.

Estate planning today leads to peace of mind tomorrow.

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A will is an important part your estate plan. It determines things like, who will get your property, who will be the executor, who will be the guardian for your children, and more.


A trust may be the most important part of an estate plan. The right kind of trust may protect your assets while you are alive and ensure that your children and other loved ones receive their inher…

Probate Administration

If you don’t have an estate plan in Washington State, or you don’t have the right estate plan, you are likely going to end up in probate court. Without the assis…

Trust Administration

A trust administrator helps to manage the assets of the trust. They handle things like taxes and compliance issues, managing the trust investment assets, ens…

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