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How to decide which educational trust is right for you

Setting up an educational trust in Washington is more complicated than people often realize. Even though many parents and grandparents want to help their loved ones pay for their education, finding the best financial vehicle can be a confusing and challenging process. Those who are interested in establishing an educational trust should spend some time exploring all of their options before signing any legal documents.

Charitable giving can be part of an estate plan

The point of an estate plan is to create the means for an efficient transition of assets upon one's passing. Among other issues that estate planning can address is the continuation of charitable giving initiated during one's life or the creation of a new gift to a favored cause or charity. There are many ways that estate owners in Washington can accomplish charitable goals.

Writing a will that takes family into account

It can be relatively easy for Washington residents to create a will. It can also be relatively easy for them and others to create a will that creates tension between family members. To limit the chances that an estate plan causes families to break apart, it is important to select the right executor. In some cases, this means choosing a professional to do the job as opposed to the oldest child or a close friend.

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