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4 Things to remember when drafting your will

As your life changes, the contents of your will should change with it. After all, you want to ensure your assets are secure and your heirs are taken care of. But, there are some things that might be easy to forget about as you create and draft your will. Here are four areas to consider when that time comes.

Why a nontraditional estate planning approach may be right

As laws change, traditional estate planning advice might not always be appropriate for some Washington residents. For example, they might want to consider whether family members would benefit from an inherited Roth, which may pay out distributions for years.

Defining interested parties in a will contest

All interested parties to a will that was executed in Washington must be notified in the event of a will contest.Those who are listed in the document itself are considered to be actual parties to the will and must be included in the list of interested parties. Furthermore, anyone who was listed in a previous version of the document could also need to be informed of a planned will contest.

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