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The cost of long-term care is a financial burden many Washington families simply cannot bear. With prudent legal planning, however, it may be possible to preserve assets while ensuring your loved one is provided with the care and treatment they need.

At James A. Jones, Attorney at Law, we assist clients in Tacoma, Seattle and throughout the surrounding areas with Medicaid planning and other estate planning and elder law needs. We are committed to helping our clients preserve assets and live fulfilling lives while maintaining eligibility for the benefits they need and deserve.

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Preserving Assets While Maintaining Eligibility

Nursing home care has gotten so expensive that many people who pay for it find a lifetime of savings drained in a matter of a few years. In many cases, Medicaid pays for nursing home care, but as a means-tested benefit, it is only available to people who have little to no wealth and assets left. By using estate planning vehicles, it is sometimes possible to preserve assets or put them to good use, while maintaining eligibility for Medicaid.

We can help you explore all of the Medicaid planning strategies available to you, including:

  • Sharing your wealth and assets through gifting or trust creation
  • Identifying exempt assets
  • Transferring real estate or business holdings to a beneficiary

Attorney James A. Jones and our legal team will provide you with skilled representation through all aspects of the Medicaid planning process, including filling out applications, attending hearings and filing any necessary appeals. We implement Medicaid planning strategies as part of our clients’ comprehensive estate plans, ensuring that the plan supports their overall needs and wishes.

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