VA Benefits: A Potential Piece Of The Puzzle

Military veterans served their country with honor and deserve to be cared for when a medical condition occurs that was linked to their service. Unfortunately, the process of qualifying for Veterans Affairs (VA) benefits is riddled with red tape and complex filing requirements. This is why you can greatly benefit from working with an elder law attorney who can assess whether these benefits may be available.

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‘Do I Qualify?’

Generally, the following three criteria must apply for a veteran to be eligible for VA benefits:

  • He or she must suffer from a medically diagnosed condition
  • An injury, disease or event that occurred during military service must contribute to the present-day condition
  • Medical evidence needs to link the in-service occurrence and the present-day condition

We have significant experience helping veterans identify whether benefits may be available. We can also help you understand the rules and procedures that must be followed to apply. We can advise you on obtaining medical documentation and other necessary steps of the VA benefits process.

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