A Comprehensive Estate Plan Can Offer You Peace Of Mind

Though it may be difficult to acknowledge a world without you in it, for the sake of your family and loved ones, you should give it careful thought. James A. Jones, Attorney at Law, can aid you in a wide range of estate planning services. Our firm serves clients in Tacoma and surrounding areas as they take measures to plan for the future, and we would be privileged to assist you as well.

Estate Planning Is A Multifaceted Pursuit

Estate planning is not limited to simply drawing up a will. In truth, this area of law encompasses a range of services, many of which are tailored to specific circumstances. Our attorney can help you with several aspects of estate planning, including:

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  • Revocable and irrevocable trusts: Trusts can be effective avenues for distributing your assets to your beneficiaries. Using an irrevocable trust can also minimize the reach of your creditors.
  • Wills: A will can offer a blueprint for where your property will go when you pass. This fundamental document is often a wise starting point in estate planning.
  • Powers of attorney, living wills and advance health care directives: It can be prudent to have plans in place should you become unable to make decisions regarding your health or finances. Powers of attorney, living wills and advance health care directives can serve to preserve your wishes.
  • Tax planning: Seeking legal pathways to lowering your estate tax liabilities can help you leave more for your loved ones.
  • Avoiding probate and easing estate administration: If you pass away without a will, Washington state law will determine how your assets are distributed. Estate planning can help you avoid a complicated probate process.
  • Special needs trusts: If you have a child with special needs, you can establish a trust specifically designed to fund their medical and living expenses.

We understand that everyone’s estate planning needs are different. You may have unique assets or family situations that warrant special attention. At James A. Jones, Attorney at Law, our lawyer works closely with clients to design customized estate plans that are right for their needs.

Our Firm Can Help Craft A Plan That Is Right For You

Creating an estate plan is a significant undertaking, and our attorney can help guide you every step of the way.

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