Wrapping Up An Estate Does Not Have To Be As Bad As You Have Heard

While ideally everyone would have an estate plan that bypasses the probate process, not everyone is so fortunate. As you might have heard, probate can be a hassle and there are many hurdles to properly administer a probate estate. However, James A. Jones, Attorney at Law, can help guide you through the probate process for your friends and loved ones as simply as possible. In reality, most probate estates can be administered without court intervention and can be completed in a matter of months.

At James A. Jones, Attorney at Law, we will assist you with probate administration duties such as:

  • Opening the probate estate with the proper court
  • Notifying beneficiaries and creditors
  • Dealing with estate creditors and claims
  • Transferring estate assets
  • Filing estate and income tax returns

While everyone’s estate is different, James A. Jones, Attorney at Law, will help you through the rigors of administration. Having an experienced estate attorney on your side can simplify the process significantly.

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Washington Probate and Estate Administration Attorneys

Our estate planning attorneys in Washington will help you as you clarify your intentions and protect your family. We will make it known to all concerned how you wish to deal with your health care, personal & business affairs, and even your death.

When someone dies, discussions on probate property, particularly on real property, are especially crucial. When a proceeding is brought to court, the probate code will determine how estate property will be administered following the decedent’s wishes if legal documents are available. Such distribution takes place after any debts owed are paid to the creditor concerned.

Our Tacoma, WA estate planning attorneys can assist in creating an estate plan that allows a simpler administration of the estate upon death. Our carefully crafted estate plans can also give you the ability to legally help a loved one if they become incapacitated.

If you would simply like to explore your options, call our Tacoma estate planning law firm. We can provide the legal services you need and answer your legal questions. Contact us at James A. Jones, Attorney at Law, and consult with a top-tier Tacoma probate attorney today. Call us at (253) 303 2755 or send us a message to inquire!

Dealing with Legal Matters in the Probate Court

Estate planning is the proactive process of anticipating possible issues and scenarios, addressing them before they happen, and minimizing the frustration and emotional distress of dealing with probate matter after losing a loved one.

Preparing estate planning documents promptly and correctly in place allows you to rest more easily. It helps to know that your loved ones do not have to deal with the additional burden of figuring out what you would want to do when an unexpected life event or death occurs in the family.

If you do not have an estate plan in Washington, or you do not have the right estate plan, you are likely going to end up in probate court. Without the assistance of the right probate attorney to act as the probate administrator, you may take up a lot more time and most of the estate assets before you get out of probate.

At our Tacoma estate planning law firm, we are solution-oriented and service focused. We take care of clients like they were our own friends and family, providing the highest quality legal representation and value. 

Bringing Matters to Court and Going through the Probate Process

In simple terms, probate refers to the legal process where the probate court sees that estate assets are distributed according to the last will and testament of the deceased. In the absence of any wills, a court order will distribute personal property and other assets of the estate pursuant to relevant probate rules and guidelines.

In general, after an appropriate notice is given to interested parties and jurisdiction over necessary parties is proven to the probate judge, the appointed personal representative will receive a certification. Such will be required to open a bank account, get a tax identification number, and file applicable tax returns for the estate. After the beneficiaries approve the arrangement, the assets of the estate will then be distributed accordingly.

However, the actual probate procedure is under local statutes, which can significantly vary from state to state. A dedicated probate lawyer in Tacoma can help ensure that you comply with all relevant probate and estate law in Washington

Call us at Jones Legacy Law to find out what steps you can take to plan for the unexpected. Call or send us a message and know-how our legal team can protect your family’s future!

Supervision on Matters Related to Estate Planning

Estate law can be pretty complicated, especially for those without the necessary legal background. There is so much more to the estate planning process than simply distributing property to your heirs when you die. Take probate and estate administration seriously if you want to spare your would-be surviving spouse, children, and even grandchildren from unnecessary stress.

If you are planning to create a will for you to designate an heir or appoint someone to make decisions for you when you pass away, make sure you are doing it right to ensure its validity. In all of these, being supervised by probate lawyers will make things a lot less complicated.

If you have legal questions on any of the above, contact our law office today. We can offer a free consultation to potential clients who need help with wills, trusts, probate, and estate planning. We can also answer questions related to joint tenancy, survivorship, and power of attorney.

Exercising Due Diligence When Creating a Will

Before proceeding to appoint heirs, and write down your wishes when you die, it is highly recommended first to get legal help from a trusted law office. Always remember that last wills and testaments are legal documents. As with any legal document, you must ensure that they are pursuant to relevant statutes and guidelines.

Getting a reliable estate planning attorney is necessary for various reasons. When drafting and setting up a last will and testament, you must follow a legal process. Anything that is not pursuant to estate law could lead to the last will being contested. There are various grounds for contesting a will which you should keep in mind as you prepare yours.

Before you create a will and decide on heirs you want to appoint, make sure to get in touch with competent Texas last will and testament lawyers. Getting the legal services of good estate planning attorneys in Houston will also ensure that wills and trusts comply with estate planning laws in Washington.

At Jones Legacy Law, our top-tier Tacoma estate planning attorneys can explain in detail how legal documents related to probate matters are processed. We can also help with matters related to other estate planning documents or areas of law such as bankruptcy and elder law.

Possible Grounds of Contesting a Will

We will never know what will happen in the future. Times are uncertain, and unexpected events, such as encountering an accident or being afflicted with an illness, can affect our present situation and our family’s future.

There are many reasons why you should get legal advice from someone well-versed with wills and estate law before proceeding. Some people commit the mistake of drafting wills on their own. Experienced estate planning lawyers can attest how often this has resulted in a lot of unnecessary stress to your loved ones when you die.


You usually create your will to ensure that whoever is in charge of estate administration will be distributing your assets to the beneficiary. Naming beneficiaries often involves family members and loved ones. Unfortunately, however, there are instances where one of these people would trick the testator into signing a will. The testator could have been told that the document was merely a power of attorney or a deed when it is actually a will or other similar document.

Lack of testamentary capacity

The testamentary capacity signifies that the person drafting a will can understand the value and nature of the inheritance they intend to distribute. This means they understand who should inherit their personal property and other legal effects of the signing. Someone with signs of early dementia may still have testamentary capacity, as long as necessary details are still well understood. 

Get in touch with a reliable estate law firm early in the process. Our Houston last will and testament attorney can explain in detail testamentary capacity and how these legal documents are processed in Texas.

Undue influence

In certain cases, the person who wants to leave behind a will might have been subject to undue influence. When you draft a will, you want to decide things that will take effect when you are already deceased. These could be on 

  • transferring to a specific heir
  • whether you will disinherit any of your siblings
  • who among your loved ones will be appointed as your successor
  • who will carry out your wishes at the time of death? 

It is, however, possible that the testator was put under severe duress, to the point he or she lost his free will. If such is proven, the will can be contested.

Contact a trusted local attorney for reliable legal assistance for any questions on wills, trusts, guardianship, or intestacy. Avoid stressful probate proceedings by speaking to our legal team at Jones Legacy Law. 

Seeking Legal Assistance and Avoiding Probate

Given the tedious probate procedure involved, many people take steps to avoid probate. Depending on the actual circumstance, avoiding probate may or may not be possible or advisable. It can, however, be a lot less stressful with legal help from seasoned probate attorneys. Get in touch with a reliable probate law firm early in the process.

James A. Jones, Attorney at Law has spent his entire career helping families and business owners protect their assets, preserve their wealth and plan for the future.

If you have legal questions on any of the above, contact our law office today. Call our estate planning law office in Tacoma today or send us a message. We can also answer questions related to living wills, living trusts, joint tenancy, survivorship, and power of attorney. We offer a free consultation to potential clients who need help with probate and estate planning.

Handling Any Type Of Estate Administration

No two estates are the same, and there is no one-size-fits-all process to address the challenges of the estate administration process. Some estate passes through probate while others do not. Regardless of the specifics of your situation, we have the experience and resources to protect your interests and guide you to a successful outcome.

Our clients include heirs, beneficiaries, fiduciaries and anyone with interest in an estate in Tacoma or the greater Seattle and Puget Sound area. Whether you live in Washington or are out of state and need local representation for an estate administration matter, we are prepared to serve your legal needs.

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If you have questions on estate administration, testamentary letters, intestacy, or probate, seek legal advice from a seasoned and reliable Tacoma probate lawyer. Our Washington estate planning lawyers can clearly and comprehensively explain to you estate planning laws and statutes that you need to know.

Furthermore, knowing what probate means is crucial if you are currently working on your estate plan. Many people are unaware that a last will and testament is not the only way to distribute one’s assets. Setting up trusts generally provides better asset protection and helps avoid probate. 

Dealing with the death of a loved one, in itself, can be very stressful. In order to make the grieving process less problematic, you will need an attorney who can help deal with legal matters. Trying to understand probate forms and the court system can be overwhelming and time-consuming. Deal with probate issues and estate administration with a Washington estate planning law firm.

It is best to consult with a local attorney to ensure that your actions will not lead to unwanted complications with these in mind. Our Tacoma probate lawyers at Jones Legacy Law can provide the legal services that you need. Call (253) 303 3755 or send us a message today.