Many people in the Tacoma area have taken the time to create an estate plan to protect their assets. An estate plan is critical for Tacoma residents to make sure their estate is passed to whom they desire. One part of an estate plan is choosing an estate executor.

An estate executor is a person who is charge of a deceased person’s probate estate. This person has an important job in carrying out the terms of a will. An estate executive also manages the deceased’s unfinished affairs such as closing out bank accounts, paying bills, etc.

There are many important things to consider when choosing an estate executor. A person may choose their oldest child or their most successful child. But before choosing they should consider which person has the most patience to handle an estate. It can also be important to choose a person who is good at working with other people and doesn’t have an antagonizing personality. Obviously, the person chosen should be responsible and also in good financial standing.

A person who is working through their estate plan may have many questions. An estate plan can contain so much more than just a will. A legal professional who is skilled in estate planning can help their client by ensuring their estate plan works for their unique situation and needs. They can also help advise their client in choosing an estate administrator that will ensure their wishes are followed. Having this all in place can be a positive gift for a person and their family.

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