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26 08, 2019

What assets are used in a revocable living trust?


Revocable living trusts are a good estate planning option for people here in Washington who are concerned about how their assets will be passed [...]

What assets are used in a revocable living trust?2022-01-17T02:33:47-08:00
24 07, 2019

IRAs and trust beneficiaries


Washington residents who want to save for retirement may want to consider using an individual retirement account. If they decide to use an IRA, [...]

IRAs and trust beneficiaries2022-01-17T00:37:48-08:00
6 06, 2019

How do living trusts work?


For many people, estate planning means drafting a last will and testament. Although almost every person should have a will, there are other documents [...]

How do living trusts work?2022-01-17T02:02:32-08:00
20 09, 2018

Legal documents any older person should have


People often assume that estate planning is only for the very wealthy. That it is a means of organizing wealth into complicated funds and [...]

Legal documents any older person should have2022-01-17T02:47:05-08:00
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